3 Tips on How the Choose the Right Battery

1. DO NOT buy a battery that is over one year old.

Check the manufacture date which should be on the battery. If it is over one year old, ask to see a record to show that the battery has been charged every three months. If it has not been charged every three months, then it will not be able to hold charge once you start using it.

2. DO NOT buy a battery without a genuine warranty

Many businesses offer warranty but do not live up to their promise. When the customer returns the battery within the warranty period, they make claims that you did not take good care of it. 

A good battery should come with a unique serial number that can be traced back to the factory for warranty claim.

3. Buy from a trusted and recognized company

There is a lot of underrating of batteries in the market. This is for example, a 100ah battery is labeled 150ah and sold for the price of 150ah battery.

To get real value for your money, buy your battery from a trusted and recognized company.