How to Get A More Affordable Solar Power System

We understand that this may be a financially challenging time for you and you might be looking for a better deal to power your home or business with solar.

So, here are 3 ways you can get a cheaper solar power system for your home.

    1. Use energy efficient equipment because they use less power
Make the switch to LED lights, low consumption fridge, LED tv (Plasma tv uses the most power)

Since these equipment require less power, they will significantly reduce the size of system you need thus getting you a cheaper solar power system.
    2. Reduce the hours you need to power your equipment throughout the day
With less hours needed to run your equipment, the size of solar system you need will be smaller.

    3. To avoid constant breakdown and need for repair, buy and get your solar system installed by a trusted and recognized company and technicians
Make sure your load is professionally sized to determine the size of system you will need. Your load is the equipment you want to run with solar and the hours per day you want to run each equipment.

Get it done right the first time so you get to use the solar system stress free for years.

If done right, you will only need to have your batteries replaced after five years and you solar panels after 25 years or more.