Schneider EVlink Parking

Charging stations for semi-public car parks and on-street charging.

Ideal for non-secure parking facilities, EVlink Parking offers energy metering capabilities plus the connectivity you need to ensure user authentication, generate reports, allocate costs to individual users, and perform remote maintenance. Everything you need to make EV charging easier than ever to manage!

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Configuration using an embedded web server.
> Adapt charging station power demand to your electrical distribution
> Select the relevant power-metering solution
> Adapt the charging station to your application

Charging station diagnosis and maintenance
> Perform diagnostics thanks to charging station front face LEDs or through the embedded web server
> Restore factory settings without a computer
> Upgrade the charging station with the latest firmware and benefit from additional features

Charging station supervision capability
> Remotely operate or maintain your charging infrastructure through OCPP protocol

Power supply network
> Power circuit voltage (for each socket outlet):
–220 / 240 V AC 1P+N
–380 / 415 V AC 3P+N
>Control circuit voltage (for charging station):
–220 / 240 V AC 1P+N

Charging mode
> Mode 3 with T2 or T2 with shutter socket outlet
> Mode 2 with domestic socket outlet (type E or type F)

User authentication
> Access to the socket outlet by unlocking the flap after swiping the RFID badge in front of the reader
> 5 badges supplied with each charging station equipped with a reader

Mechanical and environmental features
> Degree of protection (IEC 60529): IP54
> Degree of mechanical protection (IEC 62262): IK10
> Operating temperature from -30°C to +50°C (for Mode 2/Mode 3 charging station, refer to the product datasheet)

> 24 months for the entire EVlink range


Extensive choice of charging stations
> Power supply: 220-240 V / 380-415 V
> Charging power: 7.4 kW or 22 kW - Rated current: 32 A (settable from 32 A to 6 A)
> High robustness of socket outlet (Type 2 or Type 2 with shutters) thanks to silver plated contacts avoiding overheating
> Multiple configurations: user authentication or free access, one or two socket outlets, floor-standing or wall-mounted installation

> Cables, RFID badges, cable holder, modem…

Spare parts
> Floor base, wall base, socket outlet, caps, flap...

> Worldwide network of trained installers for installation, commissioning and maintenance services.
> Worldwide customer care centers

Flexible charging solution
> Standalone operation, or operation in cluster with load management (see EVlink Load Management System)
> Possible connection to a charge point operator backend through OCPP protocol

Easy installation
> The installation can be done by one person
> Electrical protection devices can be mounted inside the base of floor-standing charging stations


Semi-public car parks and on-street charging
For charging point operators seeking a robust shared-usage solution offering user authentication and charge detail records

Corporate EV fleets
For corporate fleet managers and car leasers seeking a robust and high-uptime solution delivering reporting functions