Surge Protectors

Surge Protectors provide protection to your equipment against unreliable mains power by switching the equipment off when the power is bad and switching them back on when the power returns to normal, thus ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

We have several types of Surge Protectors with different functions that will protect your items according to your needs. They are all available in all leading supermarkets and hardware shops in Kenya.


 Protects fridges, freezers, pumps and all motor equipment against low voltage...


Protects electrical & electronic equipment like TVs, computers against high voltage.


Protects both your motor equipment and your electronics from high and low voltage


First line of protection. Clamps surges and spikes making sure only clean power gets to your equipment.


Protects photocopiers, printers, fire alarm control panel, electric fence energizer, microwave...


Protects equipment such as commercial refrigerators and air conditioners against...


Protects complete electrical circuits like a ring circuit or a radial circuit or powers into an inverter power backup system. 


Protects 3 phase loads like water pumps, generators, ATS and 3P electrical circuits for...


Protects your air conditioners from unreliable mains power.

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