PowerPoint Systems takes health, safety and environment issue very seriously and is largely committed to protecting the health and safety of its staff, vendors and all affected by our business activities. This policy is meant to help the employer achieve his aim effectively by limiting work place accidents in compliance with OSHA 2007 Act. The employer will be reviewing his policy yearly for its effectiveness to be felt at the wok place, next review to be done on 5/JAN/2021.

Who's responsible for work place health and safety

To achieve a healthy and safe working environment, it's a collective task between employer and his or her respective staff to adhere to rules and policies regarding health and safety as captured in this document irrespective of the rank one holds in the company.

PowerPoint Systems Responsibilities

  • Ensure safety and absence of risks within its work environment.

  • In compliance with OSH 2007 Act, formulate a safety committee to ensure all risks are assessed and necessary actions taken  to mitigate possible accidents.

  • Provide the necessary protective gear to all its employees.

  • Ensure that the relevant employees are trained in the proper operations of company tools and equipment.

  • Educate, instruct and supervise all its projects as may be necessary to ensure safety and health with all employees.

  • Maintains a properly trained team to mitigate the possible accidents.

  • Encourage participation of all employees in the establishment of a safe and healthy work environment.

  • Advocate for professionalism in carrying out its operations.

  • Carry out the maintenance of safety appliances

PowerPoint Systems Staff Members Responsibilities

  • Staff should report any accident at work either minor or fatal and details of the happening filed for further investigation to avert similar incident in future.

  • Staff should ensure that they are aware of all emergency equipment's location e.g  fire extinguishers, first aid kits and contact of relevant company aider in case a need arises.

  • Right PPE's to be used for the right task.

  • Staff should not tamper with health and safety equipment

  • Staff should undertake tasks they are trained on, hence averting accidents at work places.

Supplier Responsibilities

Ensure suppliers adhere to our set health and safety processes, specifications and procedures in order to achieve Customer Satisfaction and this will be achieved by;

  • Ensuring they supply quality products which in turn will reduce the risk at work sites. 

  • Ensuring a life cycle approach to our products and services by focusing on warranties and ensure products meet set specifications