Solar Power Systems

    As electricity prices continue to go up and and power becomes more and more unreliable in Kenya, many homes, business and commercial centers are making the switch to solar power due to its high reliability, cost effectiveness and ability to produce ones own energy. PowerPoint Systems will install a solar system for you so you can lower or eliminate your electricity bill and start enjoying the benefits of using clean, reliable energy from the sun. 

   We design solar power systems tailored specific to your needs by either site visit to assess your load or by getting your information by telephone or email. 

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Load Profile (Your equipment and daily hours of use). 

For example; 40"tv- 8hours/ day, 20 indoor lights - 4 hours/day, 2 security lights- 12 hours/day

How a Solar System works 

   A solar power system harvests free energy from the sun by converting light energy into electric energy which is stored in batteries and can be used when there is no sun directly from the battery for loads that work with Direct Current (DC) or through an inverter for loads that work with alternate current (AC). 

2kVA Solar Stand-Alone System recently installed in a Home in Manda Island.

Our client is now fully relying on free, reliable energy from the sun. She also never has to worry about high electricity bills again!

Solar panels were mounted on wooden frames because they are temporary. Client is planning on building another floor on that slab. They will therefore be shifted.

Home Off-grid Solar Kits

Types of Solar Power Systems



With an off-grid solar system, you 100 percent depend on the sun and energy stored in batteries to power your home or business.

This system is composed of 1. Solar panel, 2. charge controller, 3. battery and 4. inverter

We pride ourselves as the leading suppliers and installers of off grid systems in Kenya having installed over 2000 of these systems in Kenya and in the East Africa Region.


These are systems installed in areas where grid is available as a supplement to the mains and/or a standby. 

This system works as follows, you harvest energy from solar panels, store it in the batteries which you can use when there is no electricity or you can use the energy stored in batteries throughout as a primary source of power, with mains being a standby.

The system is ideal for areas with frequent and prolonged power blackouts. It also helps save on electricity bills when solar is used as the primary source of power.


These are cost effective systems that work with the grid or generator power. 

This is where you generate power which works together with the mains power giving priority to the solar generated power. i.e if your load is consuming 100kW, and your grid tie system is generating 90kW, you'll be able to save 90% of your power because you’ll only be using 10% from the grid.

With this system you avoid expensive storage batteries. The system is ideal for heavy daytime load consumers such as factories.


This is where you use the power as you generate it. It goes through a Direct Current inverter drive and powers the pump. 

The system is for remote and urban areas where pumping is mostly done during the day and is expensive. Payback is less than 2 years.

PowerPoint System has done water pumping systems for NGOs, water pumping community projects, domestic and commercial properties like apartment buildings

Some of our Solar Projects

We have undertaken numerous solar projects for Ngo's , government of Kenya as well as various public and private institutions in the East African region. 

UNHCR- Kalobeyei 55Kw Hybrid Solar Plant

Two Rivers Mall Solar Grid-Tie Installation

Moi University Pension Scheme Towers Grid Tie Installation

Powering Schools in Eritrea with Solar

Capital M Grid tie 60kW System

10kWp Solar Power Plant 

Zion Children's Home 3.4kWp Stand Alone Solar System

6kWp Solar Hybrid System Installed in Kilifi, Kenya 

4kW Stand Alone for Ranch House with Long Lasting Lithium Batteries

1.2kW Solar Hybrid System Installation in a Home in Nairobi, Kenya

3kWp Solar Stand Alone in Farm in Olekinyei, Kenya 

10kW Solar Hybrid System Installed in a Home in Katani 

Get A Free Quote

For a free customized quote, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.




Load Profile (Your equipment and daily hours of use):

For example; 40"tv- 8hours/ day, 20 indoor lights - 4 hours/day, 2 security lights- 12 hours/day