Solar Power Systems

    A solar power system harvests free energy from the sun by converting light energy into electric energy which is stored in batteries and can be used when there is no sun directly from the battery for loads that work with Direct Current (DC) or through an inverter for loads that work with alternate current (AC). 

     PowerPoint designs solar power systems tailored specific to your needs by either site visit to assess your load of by getting your information by telephone or email.

Here are some of our Solar Projects

UNHCR- Kalobeyei 55Kw Hybrid Solar Plant

Two Rivers Mall Solar Grid Tie Installation

Moi University Pension Scheme Towers Grid Tie Installation

Powering Schools in Eritrea with Solar

Capital M Grid tie 60kW System

10kWp Solar Power Plant 

Olekinyei Farm Solar Stand Alone 3kWp

Zion 3.4kWp Stand Alone Solar System