Surge Protection

    More than 90% of equipment failure is due to unreliable, raw mains power, less than 10% is due to manufacture defects, program failure, software failure etc. PowerPoint offers a range of surge protection equipment. The first line/ entry level being the power extension cable which protects by the use of a Metal Oxide Varister (MOV) which clamps Surges, Spikes, High Voltage and when it exceeds its rated capacity, it short-circuits the circuit to disconnect it from the poor power by fusing or breaking the circuit breaker to stop the supply of poor power to the equipment. The extension should then be brought for servicing to our service center under warranty.

Examples of first line of protection

The second line of PowerPoint Surge Protector protects by the use of an electronic circuit which monitors the voltage in every millisecond and will disconnect the supply to your sensitive equipment very fast when it goes to a dangerous level within milliseconds thus keeping your equipment safe. And will automatically reconnect your equipment once the voltage has stabilized for the delayed/wait time set in the particular surge protector.

Examples of second line of protection